CAR & EAR insurance coverage
in engineering insurance


What is construction insurance?

The implementation of the project, at different stages of construction, is exposed to very specific risks, whether it is the construction of a residential office building, an industrial plant or a hall, a sewer or a reservoir.

Builders risk insurance policy for  construction projects covers the most important hazards that threaten buildings during construction.

Insurance policy for construction and installation  protects all contracting parties involved in the project – investors, prime contractor and all subcontractors.

What can be the subject of insurance?

The subject of insurance for facilities under construction may be:

  • building structures in construction, reconstruction, repairs, upgrades, upgrades, etc., and construction equipment
  • the responsibility of the contractor for the construction work
  • contractual liability of the contractor in the warranty period.

If specifically contracted, insurance may include:

  • pre-existing facilities undergoing reconstruction, repair, upgrades, upgrades, adaptations, etc.,
  • certain construction and craft works taken over by the contractor,
  • auxiliary building materials and tools in use,
  • construction equipment and ancillary facilities used for the construction of a building.

What risks can be insured for facilities under construction?

Main risks are:

  • fire, lightning, explosion, storm, hail, manifestations and demonstrations, aircraft crash, water spill, frost, snow and ice, avalanche, rain, landslide and soil degradation, soil subsidence, construction accident, clumsiness, negligence or evil intent worker or other person, burglary.

The additional risks are

  • flood, torrents, high water and groundwater, landslides, liability from construction contractors, contractual liability of construction contractors within the warranty period.


Installation insurance covers almost all of the most important hazards that endanger contractors during installation.

Basic insurance covers, in addition to the risk of mounting accidents, all the basic risks of fire insurance, the danger of ice, frost, snow, rain, water spills, avalanches, and landslides and landslides, burglary on unbuilt assembly materials and equipment, and the clumsiness, negligence and deliberateness of the workers.

The contracting of additional risks also covers the risks of flooding, high water, groundwater and contractor liability for damage caused to third parties.