General liability insurance
(business liability insurance)

What is general liability insurance?

The liability insurance policy covers the costs that you, as a legal entity, may incur in the event that you are responsible for death, bodily injury and damage to health, destruction or damage to property of third parties.

This includes responsibility for:

  • the use, possession, leasing or enjoyment of real estate,
  • the use of lifts intended for the carriage of persons and goods,
  • holding and using working machines and appliances.

What risks are covered?

Liability for damages arising out of your business and activities and / or from owning a thing and / or from a legal relationship and / or from a specific property as a source of danger is covered. This includes e.g. liability for the use, possession, lease or fruitful use of land, buildings and premises used for the business, liability for the use of facilities serving your workers, etc.