Voluntary health

What is voluntary health insurance?

Depending on the amount of insurance, the voluntary health insurance policy includes examinations of GPs, consultations and examinations of specialist doctors, laboratory analyzes, diagnostics, tests by medical indication, administration of therapy, emergency medical transport, hospital treatment, pregnancy (accompanying analyzes, diagnostics, childbirth) , support during the first year of the child – patronage, pediatric examinations, vaccination), and if systematic examination, physical therapy, ophthalmic and dental services and medicines are additionally contracted.

Different combinations are on offer, depending on the flexibility of the particular insurance company. The monthly premium, depending on the age, gender and chosen combination of coverage, starts at € 17 per month, while the packages with the widest coverage are significantly more expensive.

Who can be insured?

Svako može da aplicira za prihvat u dobrovoljno zdravstveno osiguranje, a odluku o prijemu i uslovima prijema doneće konkretno osiguravajuće društvo.

Neki od kriterijuma na osnovu kojih se vrši prihvat osiguranje i donosi odluka o uslovima (obimu pokrića, ceni, ograničenjima i isključenjima) su: državljanstvo RS ili ne, prijava boravka na teritoriji RS ili ne, korisnik osiguranja RFZO ili ne, godine starosti, pol, prethodno, odnosno zatečeno zdravstveno stanje (istorija bolesti), zanimanje, hobi.

Anyone can apply for admission to voluntary health insurance, and the decision on admission and conditions of admission will be made by a specific insurance company.

Some of the criteria on the basis of which insurance is accepted and a decision is made on the conditions (coverage, price, restrictions and exclusions) are: citizenship of the Republic of Serbia or not, registration of residence in the territory of RS or not, beneficiary of RFZO (insurance offered by fund owned by state) insurance or not, age, sex , previous or current health status (medical history), occupation, hobby.

Which risks are you insured against?

Depending on how it is contracted, coverage can be limited to € 1,000- € 10,000 for outpatient treatment only, or € 10,000 or € 100,000 for inpatient treatment, with the possibility of contracting treatment for treatment abroad, up to € 2,000,000.

Why is voluntary health insurance recognized as a benefit by employers?

Voluntary health insurance has become a standard companion to employment contracts for employees in many companies, especially in the IT sector.

As significant benefit the following is pointed out:

  • There is a tax deduction for voluntary health insurance, up to RSD 5,872 per employee
  • Inspections can be done outside of business hours
  • Reduced sick leave and faster return to work
  • Health insurance packages are flexible and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of the company and its employees
  • Services are available in different healthcare facilities, cities or even other countries
  • The choice of place and time where and when the examination or intervention will be performed is up to the service user
  • More motivated and efficient employees who see themselves as part of a team

Why is voluntary health insurance recognized as abenefit by  employees?

  • Voluntary health insurance saves time because it arrives on a scheduled date (now for now, or when it suits the client) and there is no wait longer than 15 minutes
  • Reduced number of non-working days and absenteeism – thus maintaining the level of earnings, since sick leave is accompanied by a 35% reduction in earnings
  • Employees of private healthcare facilities are trained and obliged to treat clients with respect
  • Top doctors, specialists in various fields are easily accessible
  • There is no waiting list, all checks are done quickly and easily in real time
  • All equipment is new, no outdated technologies

Insurer contact centers where doctors are employed are available 24 hours a day, all 7 days a week (you can always call for advice, get a referral without going to a healthcare facility)