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Marija Kujović Stanimirović


Trofim Stolarov


Marija Kujović Stanimirović


  • We are independent from insurance companies, we are customer focused and we work directly for you; we are familiar with all insurance products on the market, which enables us to propose the best and most favorable solution for you.
  • We read terms of insurance for you and introduce you to your rights and obligations, as well as to your right to compensation.
  • For our clients we represent strong external team specialized for insurance and risk management, whose resources are available at all times.
  • We analyze risks that accompany your business, compare and analyze offered volume of risk coverage and General and Special terms and conditions of different insurance companies. By making this analyzis, we come to the most favorable solution, we present you the results of the comparative analysis, and the decision of final choice is made by you.
  • With our engagement you save time and money and you get the experts that play in your team, and put their 30 years of experience in insurance business at your disposal.
  • Our services provided to you are, under the Insurance Act , cost free.
  • By working with us, you will provide additional security for the company, employees and assets. We will help you to ensure personal professional liability, as well as professional liability for directors and members of Management Board.
  • We provide you assistance and support in exercising your insurance rights upon the occurence of an adverse event. We participate in negotiations with insurance companies and represent your interests on this occasion.
  • Because we love what we do, and we do it with a smile.


DistriRisk d.o.o. is an insurance brokerage company, successfuly operating in Serbia since 2007. Based on the permission of National Bank of Serbia, we perform insurance brokerage, risk management  and claims management consultancy activities.

  • We have concluded contracts with all reputable insurance companies;
  • We arrange all kinds of insurance;
  • We are independent and represent the interests of the client who engages us;
  • All services provided by our trained and licenced DistriRisk d.o.o. team are free of charge for our clients;


DistriRisk d.o.o. gathers together a team of experts in various fields of insurance, law and finance, and focuses their decades of experience on the interests of clients, in the complex process of obtaining, evaluating, analyzing and exercising insurance rights.

With equal care we represent the interests of contractors and policyholders, individuals and legal entities before insurance companies.

We advise our clients in the process of risk assessment, analysis of existing insurance policies, concluding insurance contracts and exercising insurance rights upon the occurrence of an adverse event.


The fundamental principles on the basis of which we have gained trust of a large number of clients are: professionalism, promptness, thoroughness and cooperativeness.

We stand out with the flexible approach, innovation and quality of support we provide as a partner to businesses and individuals.

During our 15 years in insurance business we have achieved successful cooperation with over 300 clients, among which: Atlantic Group, MTV Serbia, Namestaj Tahirovic, Credy bank, Cash&Carry Plus, Medical Innovation Solution, Soko Stark ad, Lura Group, Rotografika, Beoguma, Basketball Association of Serbia, Handball Club New Belgrade, SVC Velika Plana and many other small, medium and large enterprises, corporations and sports associations.

We are always available for you and your company.
One call changes it all.
Try it, to know it.

It was said about us

It is nice that in Serbia there are people, competent professionals dedicated to their business completely, who respect professional and moral codes.  They are progressing on sound footing and I believe that they will continue to operate without fail and maintain a cheerful spirit. A real refreshment in the business world.

Vladimir Kravcuk, Slovenian Business Club, Mercator Serbia

I have witnessed that excellent results have been reached in many years of cooperation with various legal entities. Identical relationship with all clients, regardless of the amount of the insurance premium. They follow the insurance contract from start to finish. They are a mainstay and support in every sense.

Zlatko Dimitrijevic, Soko Stark ad, Beoguma doo

I appreciated the fact that in Belgrade I had complete information about insurance contracted in Ljubljana or Zagreb.  The sameapplies to actions that must be taken after a harmful event occurs, especially abroad. You feel that someone is always with you, struggling for you to find a solution.

Domestic insurance brokerage company, focused on countries in the region, which is why they cooperate with other insurance brokerage companies abroad. Local and client-tailored insurance programs.

Milos Pavlovic, MTV Serbia doo