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It is nice that in Serbia there are people, competent professionals dedicated to their business completely, who respect professional and moral codes.  They are progressing on sound footing and I believe that they will continue to operate without fail and maintain a cheerful spirit. A real refreshment in the business world.

Vladimir Kravcuk, Slovenian Business Club, Mercator Serbia

I have witnessed that excellent results have been reached in many years of cooperation with various legal entities. Identical relationship with all clients, regardless of the amount of the insurance premium. They follow the insurance contract from start to finish. They are a mainstay and support in every sense.

Zlatko Dimitrijevic, Soko Stark ad, Beoguma doo

I appreciated the fact that in Belgrade I had complete information about insurance contracted in Ljubljana or Zagreb.  The sameapplies to actions that must be taken after a harmful event occurs, especially abroad. You feel that someone is always with you, struggling for you to find a solution.

Domestic insurance brokerage company, focused on countries in the region, which is why they cooperate with other insurance brokerage companies abroad. Local and client-tailored insurance programs.

Milos Pavlovic, MTV Serbia doo


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