Property insurance


What is property insurance?

Property insurance includes insurance against risks that can threaten your movable and immovable property, which you often cannot predict or affect. Property insurance coverage will protect your business from losses that, there is no doubt, are high and will reduce your financial costs that come out as a result of such events.

What can be the subject of property insurance?

The subject of property insurance is construction, equipment (machinery, appliances and other equipment), inventories (goods, raw materials, semi-finished and finished products), money (cash and securities) in a locked cash register or safe deposit and money in manipulation.

What risks can you insure your property against?

The risks you can insure your property against are: fire and some other hazards (lightning, storm, hail, explosion, crash, manifestation and demonstration, an impact of your own motor vehicle into a building, equipment breakdown, glass breakage, burglary, robbery, business interruption due to fire, money in manipulation, money in locked cash register or safe deposit.

Earthquake risk can be contracted as separate risk. Additional risks that can be contracted as the extension of the basic fire risks are: water leakage from installations,  floods, torrents, high water, soil slippage and landslides, soil subsidence, avalanche, fluid and gas leakage, self-ignition of inventories, discharge of glowing liquid molten mass, impact of an unknown motor vehicle into a building.


What is property insurance?

Property insurance includes insurance against risks that could endanger your movable and immovable property. A fire, flood, burglary or other hazard covered by this insurance can destroy or seriously damage your apartment , house and household items, that you have carefully invested in and stored for many years. Property insurance helps you to quickly remedy the consequences of these events and to continue a carefree life without special investing in buying new things , or in the worst case, rehabilitating or building a brand new housing facility.

What can be the subject of property insurance?

The subjects of property insurance are: construction (houses, flats), household items, money and valuables.

Construction (houses, flats) can be inhabited or uninhabited (cottages, appartments for vacation). In addition to the building, the insurance usually includes the installed installations and equipment, sanitary facilities, ancillary facilities and common parts of the building.  

Usually, this type of insurance is offered as a risk package and may additionally include the liability of household members as private individuals in daily life and liability from owning real estate, as well as  insuring household members from the consequences of an accident.

When we say „household stuff, money and valuables“ we mean:

  • Items owed by you or your household members
  • Items from an apparment or house, stored in an attic, basement, garage, terrace and shed
  • Items used to furnish the appartment, for personal usage and consumption, cash, securities, art objects, valuables and collections (philatelic and numismatic)
  • Also included are cultivators, mowers and other small agricultural and other tools and accessories, fruit trees in the yard, fences, retaining walls, sidewalks, etc.
  • Boats, boat engines, sports equipment (sailing, diving, etc.), plumbing and sewer installations, electrical and heating installations can also be insured by special insurance arrangement.

 Also, insurance plan for household appliances can be provided by special contracting, such as:

  • appliances
  • audio and  video devices
  • other appliances
  • tools and machines for personal, home usage
  • personal computers
  • protection systems

This type of insurance covers the risk of damage or destruction of the insured item, which results from an accident when using these items, and is caused by:

  • defects in material and workmanship
  • direct action of electricity (short circuit, atmospheric and other surges, electric arc, frequent voltage changes, etc.)
  • failure of the protection and control devices as well as the automatic controls
  • lightning strikes, transmission of electricity through power lines

What risks can you insure your property against?

The risks that you can insure your property against, are: fire, lightning, storm, hail, explosion, crash, manifestations and demonstrations, impact of your own motor vehicle in a building, water leakage from installations, burglary and robbery, glass breakage, equipment / installation breakdown, flood, torrent, high water, earthquake, landslide and landslide, soil settling, avalanche, leakage.