Did you know that by registering your car and buying MTPL (Motor third party liability) insurance policy, you would become a potential debtor in the amount of € 1,200,000.00 in case that you caused a traffic accident?

In the case that you have caused a traffic accident, the insurance company will compensate the injured party from your policy and collect the recourse from you!

What is important for you to know about traffic accident statistics and how you can reduce the likelihood of something like this happening to you, by your fault?

(Reference: Insurance Institute for Highway Safety  https://www.iihs.org/)

 In road accidents, men are more likely to get killed than women.

Traffic accident statistics says that women are more involved in small accidents, popularly known as “knockouts”, while men are more likely to be involved in traffic accidents with catastrophic consequences. For this reason, women drivers, car owners, in many countries of the world pay lower insurance premiums than men.

Top 7 Causes of Traffic Accidents:

  • Speed
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol
  • Obstruction while driving (attention diverters)
  • Use of a mobile phone
  • Weather (inconvenience)
  • Disrespect for red light at traffic light
  • Driver fatigue


To avoid accidents, your liability for their occurrence, as well as the material debt of your family, of up to € 1,200,000.00,


  • Drive at excessive speeds or speeds that are inappropriate for that specific road (whatever the reason / justification)
  • Drive if you have consumed alcohol (do not judge if it is low or high level of alcohol, or how „strong“ the drink is)
  • Allow interference with the presence and influence
  • Use a mobile phone (even if you use hands-free sets, the content of the conversation is distracting)
  • Neglect bad weather (be extra careful)
  • Neglect fatigue
  • Ignore the light at the traffic light