DistriRisk – cooperation with Turkish companies

Muso Turkovic

Turkish companies are increasingly finding interest in investing and expanding their business in the Republic of Serbia. In achieving their business goals, they recognize DistriRisk d.o.o. as stable and honest partner in the part of risk assessment, analysis, reduction and placement, transferring risk to insurance companies, at all stages of business development, starting from establishment.

We are supporting the construction and installation of facilities and equipment, by developing and performing activities such as assessment, analysis and placement of property risks, transferring those risks to insurance (for construction facilities, equipment and supplies), risks arising from general, product and professional liability. We also support transferring transportation risks to insurance (CMR and cargo).

Due to the specific nature of insurance business, with many professional terms, in order to insure transparency of the services provided by DistriRisk d.o.o, we use the services of Mr. Muso Turkovic, Turkish language translator. Mr. Muso Turkovic, in this specific area, represents a significant support to us in cooperation with Turkish companies operating in the territory of the Republic of Serbia.

Muso Turkovic is also an eminent member of several associations of Turkish businessmen, such as: TOBB (Association of Chambers of Commerce and Stock Exchange of Turkey) and TKG (as a part of TOBB, Association of Entrepreneurs and Businessmen who speak Turkish Language).

The trust we have built through cooperation and communication with Turkish companies, together with security provided by DistriRisk services, are the fundamental of this successful cooperation.

TOBB Association